About Us

Tangaza University Alumni Association connects a global community of Alumni to the university and globally with richness in the cultural diversity through diverse opportunities for lifelong engagements to increase awareness, brand, participation., volunteer involvement, and a culture of philanthropy to the University.

On this platform, the Alumni connect to ideas and resources that matter to them. The Alumni Association brings together all the people who share the common experience of having studied at Tangaza. Members are united by sharing the Alma mater, even though they graduated from one of the seven institutes in the University, thus have different backgrounds and diverse professional experiences. The Association’s meetings and events will provide a forum to maintain bonds forged during the studies and to build new friendships and connections.

By joining the Alumni Association, the Alumni will automatically plug themselves into a network of high-achieving professionals that can prove to be an invaluable career asset.

To foster, maintain and support a mutually beneficial relationship between the Alumni and the university and to engage TUC’s alumni in strengthening bonds with their Alma mater based on TUC’s vision-mission, and values.

To engage alumni to support each other and advance the University’s excellence by realizing the promise of a global community with a shared mission for a transformed world.

  • Determination- To pursue lifelong pursuit of Faith and truth.
  • Gratitude- Being thankful for the relationship and learning gained through Tangaza University College.
  • Character- Strengthening relationships through honesty, loyalty, integrity, and ethical conduct.
  • Ownership- Appreciating the initiative and taking greater responsibility for the progress of the Association and University.

The objectives of the Association are as follows:

  • To grow a strong and attractive alumni network.
  • To engage with the ongoing students on motivational and mentorship programs.
  • To continue promoting the TUC values, community spirit, and giving back.

To enhance TUC leadership and development.